Lease management and legal services

Teracon Property Management’s legal department is an integral part of the company's operational structure. The legal department is therefore fully integrated into the management system from the start. Our legal professionals are in charge of analyzing and negotiating commercial leases. They work closely with property managers.

This expert department facilitates all transactions related to the execution of commercial leases and related transactions. All Teracon Property Management managers can consult the legal department at any time if they have any questions or need clarifications. The legal department may also participate in drafting initial declarations of co-ownership and provide residential lease management services upon request.

Teracon Property Management’s lease management and legal services include:


  • Verification, negotiation and drafting of leases for new tenancies, renewals or terminations
  • Preparation of other legal documents relating to leases including offers to lease and commission agreements
  • Interpretation and validation of lease obligations
  • Lease summaries
  • Verification of compliance with established budgets for rental rates and incentive obligations
  • Litigation management for default of payment or any other related issues
  • Representation to the Régie du logement


  • Security screening
  • Coordination of all investment-related legal aspects
  • Minute and corporate book updates
  • Legal hypothecs
  • Collection measures
  • REQ modifications